10 Hints For Achieving A Female Orgasm

1. Anticipate the Act 

Do you sit on the edge of your seat during the thrilling part of a movie? You can apply this same sense of suspense to your sex life! If you are a morning person, fall asleep thinking sexy thoughts. If you prefer night time touching, use your daydreams to enrich your sense of anticipation throughout the day. Psychologically, this prepares you for the pleasure that is in your near future.

2. Relax and Unwind

Stress is one of the least sexiest feelings for a lady to have. Whatever makes your tension melt away, do it. Take a bath, do yoga or find a quite place for some deep breaths. This is a particularly important step, yet it is commonly overlooked in the quest for a female orgasm.

3. Find Your Happy Place

Location, location, location. This mantra is not just for real estate moguls. How comfortable or excited you feel can be directly related to your physical environment. Whether you prefer your home, a hot tub, a hotel or a quickie in a public place, go to a place in which you feel your best.

4. Get Toys Involved

Having the right equipment is essential. Whether you are flying solo or you have a partner to play with, there truly is no substitute for adult toys. If you are a novice with self-satisfaction, you may prefer a vibrator or massager. But, if you're simply trying to get your groove back, a traditional vibrator may be right up your alley. Don't forget to experiment with different shapes, settings and positions for varying sensations and G spot Stimulations.

5. Speak Your Mind

If you are interacting with a partner, with or without toys, it is absolutely essential to say what you do and don't like, sexually. Your partner should try their best to know your body, but they aren't psychic. If you are too shy to speak it, try whispering it into their ear.

6. Act Like You Have The Body You've Always Wanted

Nothing is sexier than self-confidence. Stop picking apart your body and realize you are beautiful and you deserve to feel pleasure. Self-consciousness is not at all conducive to orgasming. Be loud, be proud and you will succeed.

7. Eliminate Distractions

Treat this time like it is sacred. Turn off or silence your phone. Resist the urge to answer that knock on the door. Mute that sitcom. This is you time!

8. Stretching and Exercise

It can't hurt to get limbered up. Remember, sexual activity is just that. An activity. Being flexible and having toned muscles can really enhance your ability to get wild and reach the big O.

9. Set The Mood

Create a sensuous state of mind by lighting candles, dimming the lights, using aromatherapy, flavoured lubes or eating sexy foods. Appeal to your most dominant sense.

10. Live Out A Fantasy

Don't be afraid to get crazy or nasty on your own. No one is judging you. If you always wanted to do something sexual, but you felt held back by something, making this fantasy into a reality could be just what you need.