5 Romantic Ways To Ask Your Partner To Use a Condom

1. If they say, I didn’t bring any condoms, you say,

“I got you a present!” Wrap a single condom up in a jewelry gift box or buy a condom from us. Either way, giving them as a gift might make your partner feel more obligated to use them, or drive home how important it is for you to have safe sex.

2. If they said, “Putting it on ruins the mood,” you say,

“Why don’t you let me put it on for you?” If your partner feels like putting on a condom ruins the mood, check out our series on sexy ways to put on a condom or come up with your own! It may take a little while to perfect your technique, but the extra practice is always worth it.

3. If they say, “I find condoms to be uncomfortable,” you say,

“Let’s try out a bunch of different kinds and find the perfect size. Whether you take a trip to your local adult store on a date or you browse our store together in your underwear, making safe sex into an adventure you can share in together will make it more fun. Plus, practice makes perfect!

4. If they say, “They don’t make condoms in my size,” you say,

“Why don’t you let me measure you?” Turn this more boring bit of safe sex into some exciting foreplay because he has to be hard to be measured. Once you’ve finished him off in a way that doesn’t put you at risk for pregnancy or STDs, you guys can spend this down time going to the store to pick up the accurate size, then head back and get going all over again.

5. If they say, “I’ve been tested. You can trust me,” you say,

“But I haven’t. And I care about you.” If it's not enough to tell them that you're concerned about the risk of STDs, then it might be time to reconsider having sex with this person.

Remember, the goal isn't to use sexual favors to get them to do something potentially life-saving for you. Don't use condoms or other forms of contraception as a bargaining chip. Use it as a supplement. The goal is to make safe sex a normal and fun part of your lovemaking routine.