Top 10 Most Common Condom Mistakes

1. Not checking for apparent harm.
Almost 75% of individuals never trouble searching for tears or openings - - regardless of whether they utilize their teeth to open the bundle (don't!) or catch the condom on their gems or fingernails, as per a Kinsey Institute report.

2. Not checking the termination date.
I sincerely can hardly imagine how around 61% of condom clients were at fault for not ensuring the elastic they were going to slip on was terminated. It resembles taking a taste from the milk container without actually looking at the date first. In spite of the fact that, condoms truly do endure for a little while - - as long as 5 years for plain ones, however just 2 years or so for those with a spermicide, which steadily separates the plastic. In any case, condoms kept in men's wallets get hot from body heat, which can extensively abbreviate a condom's future (and perhaps yours). On the off chance that a condom is tacky or weak, throw it.

3. Not talking about condom use ahead of time.
Indeed, 60% of individuals say it doesn't work out well when an accomplice unveils condoms to them without a second to spare. The more the two accomplices examine (and even work on) utilizing condoms, the better things will go when the defining moment comes.

4. Putting it on late in the activity. 
Around 43% of understudies in a sex-conduct concentrate on wore the condom after entrance had proactively happened. Apparently they didn't realize that some sperm can be delivered before the last firecrackers, presenting pregnancy and STD gambles.

5. Not leaving room at the top.
It's evidently news to four out of 10 condom clients that prior to putting it on, you want to delicately press the tip of the condom to eliminate any caught air and leave space for the sperm. In any case, the condom's bound to break.

6. Putting it on off-base.
Don't you can't stand when that happens?About 30% of individuals put it on back to front and don't understand that a back to front condom is bound to sneak off (go look at number 8 on this rundown). The most secure thing to do? Begin with another one. The correct way: The condom ought to resemble a ski cap with the base edges moved up (not under). The cap ought to fit over the penis with the goal that the edge unrolls effectively down the shaft. Differently and it's a moron cap.

7. Breaking the condom.
Around 29% of clients report breakage. A huge lump of that is client blunder, not item absconds, say analysts. Notwithstanding the mix-ups in numbers 1, 2, 5, and, add this: utilizing oil-based greases (like petrol jam, face and body creams, and child oil or mineral oil). These can make the plastic pop. All things considered, utilize kinder, gentler water-based or silicone oils (Check out this article on the most proficient method to pick your own ointment).

8. Sneaking off during sex.
The 13% who report slippage have many reasons, including, "It simply didn't fit right." To track down a solid match, purchase an assortment of styles and sizes and attempt them at relaxation. Keep in mind, normal lambskin sounds decent and can forestall pregnancy, yet it doesn't safeguard against the infections that cause AIDS, hepatitis, and herpes. No one but plastic can do that.

9. Taking the condom off too early.
Duh, just plain dumb. For the 15% of men who report doing this, losing an erection is a main explanation. Be that as it may, erections can travel every which way during sex; additionally, discharge can happen without an erection, carrying with it every one of the dangers of pregnancy and STDs.

10. The greatest error of all: NOT utilizing a condom.
Try not to let this large number of expected issues (or that ewww-y smell) switch you off to condoms or essentially make you say, "What's the point?" Take a breath, take care of business, and save your (sexual coexistence).


VIA - The Kinsey Institute